Product Warranty

Unilamp products, excluding ballasts, drivers, transformers and lamps, are warranted to be free from defects of material and/or workmanship for a period of five years (60-months) from the date of shipment. Ballasts, drivers, transformers and lamps provided in Unilamp products are covered to the extent of that particular manufacturer’s warranty.
Unilamp liability is limited to the repair or replacement of parts where damage is caused by a defect without charge.  The buyer has to provide proof of purchase and adequate information of operating history if required by Unilamp. Unilamp assumes to replace or repair products with no responsibility for installation cost, labor cost and shipping expeditions cost. Unilamp shall not be liable to the buyer for indirect or consequential damages.

This warranty is voided with respect to damage resulting from;
1. Products is modified, repaired without written consent, improperly installed and/or lack of maintenance as required in Unilamp installation instruction and specification.
2. Installed in inappropriate area and/or misuse of the products.
3. External causes such as fires, earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms, vandalism, unstable power supply, power surges or dips.
Unilamp reserves the right to modify or discontinue this warranty without prior notice.

Lumen Maintenances Statement
Unilamp products use LEDs from suppliers who measure and certify the lumen maintenance of their LED devices and modules in accordance with the approved methods defined in IES LM-80. The LED suppliers provide Unilamp with long-term lumen maintenance predictions based on statistical methods to extrapolate LM-80 test data to L70 threshold at a range of LED junction temperatures and drive currents.

Unilamp has provided information for L70 based on the LED suppliers’ LM-80 data and projection models and has adjusted for the In-Situ Tcase and drive current conditions of the products.

Unilamp designs its LED luminaires to achieve heat dissipation sufficient to maintain junction temperatures within the range specified by LED suppliers at ambient operating temperatures and drive currents and validates the designs through In-Situ testing.

Unilamp performs a long-term projection for System-Level lumen maintenance by applying LM-79 and TM-21-like methods. Our LED luminaires are measured using LM-79 method at zero hours and at periodic intervals for a minimum of 6,000 hours (necessary to support a 36,000 hour lumen maintenance projection) and 8,300 hours (necessary to support a 50,000 hour lumen maintenance projection) for lumen output and color properties. Then we use all measured data and TM-21-like methods to create a projection for System-Level lumen maintenance.

Having a statistically useful number of test samples, Unilamp declares the lumen maintenance of our LED luminaires at L70 B10 at 50,000 hours.
The above data in most cases is the best data available to estimate the L70 potential for the product. 

This statement is solely mentioning the lumen maintenance of the luminaires. However, the lifetime of the whole LED luminaires relies on many different components such as LED control gear, optical and mechanical components and thermal interface materials. All these components influence the lifetime of the whole system, as they may fail or degrade over time. 

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